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Charity and Justice

By Christine Dragonette on September 25th, 2014

When reflecting on current events or issues in our community and beyond, it is often helpful to look for examples of both charity and justice, and opportunities to exhibit both. Works of charity provide direct service, food, clothing, and other basic needs, while justice seeks to find large-scale solutions to the root causes of social, … Read More

Reflecting on the Justice System

By Christine Dragonette on September 14th, 2014

Recently, two men were released from death row after DNA evidence proved that the crime for which they had been held for 30 years was actually committed by another man. If you haven’t seen it, here’s a New York Times story on the situation. Reading through the facts of the case– that the two men … Read More

Stopping to Listen

By Christine Dragonette on August 17th, 2014

As a follow-up to Mark’s insightful post on practical ways we can respond to events in Ferguson, I would like to weigh in on the conversation, and hope that others will join me in commenting below. The events of this past week are important and worthy of as much conversation as possible if we hope … Read More

Engaging with Compassion

By Christine Dragonette on August 4th, 2014

The other day, I was driving toward a highway intersection with my windows down and ended up stopped directly next to a man panhandling with a sign that said “Hungry, Anything Helps.” Normally, I would meekly smile and continue on my way, but the fact that I was actually right next to this man, making … Read More

Water as a Human Right

By Christine Dragonette on July 21st, 2014

With Detroit in the news so much recently over water shutoffs to many residents who cannot pay their bill, I’ve been reflecting on human rights and our responsibility to protect these rights for everyone. Those with less economic or political leverage are often denied power, as well as basic rights. How can we advocate for … Read More

Informed Participation in Promoting the Common Good

By Christine Dragonette on July 14th, 2014

The Catechism of the Catholic Church informs us that “It is necessary that all participate, each according to his position and role, in promoting the common good. This obligation is inherent in the dignity of the human person. . . . As far as possible citizens should take an active part in public life.” We … Read More

Dignity and Worth at the Meals Program

By Christine Dragonette on July 6th, 2014

I want to backtrack a bit and touch on some topics that we’ve already discussed, since I’ve just recently started contributing to this blog. Volunteering with the Meals Program at St. Vincent’s last Sunday compels me to reflect on the topic of life and human dignity. The Meals Program is the most consistent example of … Read More

Many & One

By Christine Dragonette on June 7th, 2014

Hello! This being my first blog entry, I’d like to take some time to introduce myself. My name is Christine Dragonette I am originally from North Carolina (but do not have a southern accent, as many people observe). After graduating from UNC-Chapel Hill in 2012, I moved to St. Louis to participate in Vincentian Mission … Read More