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  3. Transform

Catholic Social Teaching — Overview

What is it?

Catholic Social Teaching: The Catholic Church’s collective body of thought on the Gospel as it pertains to human interaction. These thoughts come from both official teachings AND from the lived experience of the people of God.

Why are we doing this?

Because anyone who comes to St. Vincent’s, for any reason, should walk away with a sense of how we are connected to each other.

We are Many and we are One:

Each of us is an individual created in God’s image, yet we all have to live together on the same planet. How is that supposed to happen? We are many individuals yet we are one people, the children of God. How do we make that work?

We also expect that our parishioners will reflect upon their everyday actions in light of the call of the Gospel. We ourselves will be transformed and will work/act to transform the world around us.

What is the ART of Catholic Social Teaching?

The US Bishops have proposed a way of approaching Catholic Social Teaching:

Act: We live and act in the world; we interact with each other

Reflect: We reflect on the Gospel and on moral principles and what those have to say about our actions

Transform: We transform our own attitudes and actions, and we transform the world around us. These new actions call for new reflections. And a cycle, a way of living, has begun…

Key Principles:

Human life & dignity discussion begins October 2013

Call to family, community/ participation discussion begins January 2014

Rights/Responsibilities discussion begins Summer 2014

Option for the poor/vulnerable discussion begins Fall 2014

Dignity of human labor discussion begins Winter 2014-15

Solidarity discussion begins Spring 2015

Stewardship of Creation discussion begins Summer 2015


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