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Peace and justice in Ferguson

by Mark Etling on August 11, 2014

In the aftermath of all that has taken place in the city of Ferguson over the weekend, I suggest there are some things we as a Catholic Christian community can do:

1. Pray for the young man who lost his life, and for his family in their time of grief.

2. Pray for our police officers, who put their lives on the line every day.

3. Withhold judgment about innocence or guilt until all the facts are known.

4. Pray that there will be no more violence against persons or property.

5. Pray for greater justice for all the people of our city, our country and our world.

6. Pray for greater harmony and solidarity among all people.

7. Pray for peace, built upon the foundation of justice and equality.

5 thoughts on “Peace and justice in Ferguson

  1. These tragic events remind us that we, as a society, are still a long way from respecting the life and dignity of each and every human.
    A lot of prayer and a lot of work are still needed.

  2. Solid suggestions, Mark. A search for the truth is often long, complicated, and painful, but Mike Brown deserves truth and justice.

  3. There’s a social justice dimension to this week’s events that I’ve not heard anyone address. Our society, economy and government services are set up in such a way that poor people, white and black, are pretty much human detritus. There’s no place for them in mainstream America. They live in inferior housing, go to inferior schools, have fewer if any job opportunities – in other words, their outsiders. Anger, frustration and resentment will continue as long as some people are effectively left out of the system.

  4. We all strongly feel that justice is society’s most precious attribute. Justice is not fully served by feelings, but rather by action. In addition, we all are, to some extent, responsible for the circumstances in our lives that give or deny justice. The next township election can bring more real change to Ferguson than all the headlines, celebrities and TV cameras. A new way can bring the hoped for changes that are needed.

  5. Unlike Christine, I spent my teen years in Ferguson, continue to have best friends there and still teach PSR and work in conjunction with BTC parish and my heart is breaking for the people who live in that community. I was in Oakland California last week taking care of my granddaughter and I spent the week watching the tragic events unfold in a community that I have strong ties in. I even heard a homily on Sunday in a church where most people live in million dollar houses center on justice and how bad the police were for the way they are handling the riots. But as I have told others we throw that word justice around and mostly in this case for the family of Michael Brown and the loss of his life which was indeed a tragedy but what about all the other justice issues that have surfaced from all the rioting and looting that have occurred…is it just that an 84 year old woman who has a 54yr old disabled son have to be afraid every night because if something happened, she could not even get out of her house…is it just that children cannot attend school because school officials are afraid to open the schools fearing safety for the children…is it just that the business owners who are just trying to make a living have their businesses burned down and robbed and looted…is it just that employees who work in those businesses for low wages to begin with now have no income because those businesses no longer exist…is it just that the police officer who did the shooting be denied due process of the law because people are demanding charges when the answers that will determine what those charges should be takes time to investigate…and on and on…until we can stand with each other as human beings…not my African-American neighbor, or my Asian friend, or my Hispanic co-worker but rather my neighbor, my friend, my co-worker racism will exist and anger and frustration will be present…but I don’t believe that anything can justify since we are talking about justice what is happening in Ferguson with the destruction of property, the shootings, the looting and just the devastation of a community of people who have worked to maintain a safe and stable place to work and live.

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